Sunset Harbour South Condo  (Miami Beach, FL)

10 Most Recent Sales by Unit Type


Sale DateUnitBDBASFSale PriceSale PSFBuyerSellerPrior SalePrior Sale PricePrior PSF
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1 Bedroom

Sale DateUnitBDBASFSale PriceSale PSFBuyerSellerPrior SalePrior Sale PricePrior PSF
04/22160911800575,000719Dasgupta SanchitaDennett Steve03/20--
03/22160511820469,000572Zaroff ReedNatel Aixa B11/21--
11/21160511820--Natel Aixa BDanese Mario Mr11/20-MUS
05/21200511820475,000579Arts IncArts Inc05/21--
05/21200511820--Arts IncMarilyn & Leigh Ann Baker (trs)02/99--
04/21140911800450,000562Thomas MelissaHerrera Harold K10/20--
11/20160511820-MUSDanese Mario MrDanese Mario11/20-MUS
11/20160511820-MUSDanese MarioNatel Aixa B09/19--
10/20140911800--Herrera Harold KLeonard L Arnaiz10/09243,600304
10/20210911800--Acosta Jose LJ&M Sunset Harbour No 2109 Inc07/20--

2 Bedrooms

Sale DateUnitBDBASFSale PriceSale PSFBuyerSellerPrior SalePrior Sale PricePrior PSF
04/221901221110885,000797Nemser JoshuaJacob N Mackie06/12453,000408
02/22711221130607,000537Lewis Andrew NPm & Ra Corp02/18--
01/221110221120--David J Mardini Revocable TrustDavid Mardini08/04440,000393
01/222015221140830,000728Bady KyleSonia Garcia03/04322,500MUS
12/219082212201,049,000860Lieberman MarilynMaria T Urupukina12/11525,000430
12/212303221130895,000792Matticoli Gustavo ABannister Eric03/15809,000716
11/2122102211201,395,0001,246Dayton Duncan NBurch Jeremy06/161,015,000906
09/212203221130785,000695Alesandro Daniel JGenta Nicole08/21--
07/212308221220890,000730Banks RussellIngeborg B Maynard06/10507,000416
06/211508221220852,000698Taub EvaMiles C Wilkin01/14771,000632

3+ Bedrooms

Sale DateUnitBDBASFSale PriceSale PSFBuyerSellerPrior SalePrior Sale PricePrior PSF
09/211807321770970,000548Wolstenholme Hannah JAnup K Sabharwal03/08600,000MUS
04/211707321770930,000525Williams Jennifer TKeller Terry M07/151,049,000593
09/202107321770--Allan Yudacufski Revocable TrustAllan I Yudacufski01/99295,000MUS
06/2018123319002,050,0001,079Latham CynthiaHansraj P Bhojwani (trust)07/02560,000295
02/209123319001,356,000714James Esshaki Living TrustBernadette Esshaki Irrevocable Trust02/181,695,000892
10/191407321770759,000429Appel RachelElizabeth P Lotspeich Revocable Trust Tru Of02/14--
08/1916123319001,925,0001,013Haltiwanger NuriaJeffrey Charles Kusch Revocable Trust Tru For09/13--
07/191907321770885,000500Yamin EricOttawa Llc07/14899,000508
02/1914123319001,950,0001,026Horwitz Joyce CRandy Besosa05/02--
02/191802/4442246--1208 Collins Avenue LlcHaim Victor Hayon02/99435,000MUS


Sale DateUnitBDBASFSale PriceSale PSFBuyerSellerPrior SalePrior Sale PricePrior PSF
02/22TS-30007,850,000-P 1800 Holdings LlcSunset Ts Llc08/207,700,000-
07/21P24200080,000-Wexler PaulEileen D Serafine Trs05/08--
08/20TS-30007,700,000-Sunset Ts LlcCofiva Usa Corp06/167,500,000-
03/18P12900060,000-Bolger DavidAstrid Comte De Seda Trs06/06--
02/18P21600025,000-Cooper MarcNiraj & Tanvi Sharma10/0210,000-
02/18P84400020,000-Cooper MarcNiraj Sharma06/98230,000MUS
06/16TS-30007,500,000-Cofiva Usa CorpTs 2 Sunset Llc10/136,200,000-
03/14P5420009,200-Biscaya Holdings LlcFirst Home View Corp06/08--
10/13TS-30006,200,000-Ts 2 Sunset LlcFelix Mostelac06/076,500,000-
02/13P6410005,500-Dario ScolariL V Invest Inc09/124,500-

*Does not include quitclaim deeds (intra-party transfers) or foreclosure sales as these transfers should not be considered market sales. MUS indicates a sale in which multiple units were sold in the same transaction. In Multiple Unit Sales, the stated sale price corresponds to more than one property. No price per square foot is calculated for the sale as it is not an appropriate measure.

Second Quarter Activity


# UnitsHighLowAvg
1 Bedroom1575,000575,000575,000
2 Bedrooms1885,000885,000885,000
3 Bedrooms----
Entire Building2885,000575,000730,000

Sales Price Per Sq Ft

1 Bedroom719719719
2 Bedrooms797797797
3 Bedrooms---
Entire Building797719758


# UnitsHighLowAvg
1 Bedroom---
2 Bedrooms---
3 Bedrooms12,799,0002,799,0002,799,000
Entire Building28,500,0002,799,0005,649,500

Listings Price Per Sq Ft

1 Bedroom---
2 Bedrooms---
3 Bedrooms1,0521,0521,052
Entire Building1,0521,0521,052

Units (#)
Avg Price Per Sq Ft ($)

Last 4 Quarter Activity


# UnitsHighLowAvg
1 Bedroom2575,000469,000522,000
2 Bedrooms81,395,000607,000917,000
3 Bedrooms1970,000970,000970,000
Entire Building137,850,00080,0001,329,231

Sales Price Per Sq Ft

1 Bedroom719572645
2 Bedrooms1,246537798
3 Bedrooms548548548
Entire Building1,246537748

Units (#)
Avg Price Per Sq Ft ($)

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