ID:5426 - San Mateo North Condo - Miami, FL - Miami Condo Report, Ownership Roll

San Mateo North Condo  (Miami, FL)

Multiple Unit Ownership

Multiple Unit OwnerTotal Units Owned (#)
*Multiple unit owner analysis is important to determine if one or more individuals or groups owns more than one unit in the building. There could be multiple unit owners in a building for several reasons including a developer holding existing units it was unable to sell, a resident purchasing adjacent units to combine them into a larger single unit, speculators/investors purchasing multiple units as an investment, or banks holding multiple units as a result of a foreclosure. An analysis of the multiple unit owners helps you understand ownership dynamics in a building.

Multiple Unit Owner Detail

OwnerUnitPurchase DatePurchase PricePurchase PSFBDBASF
*MUS indicates a sale in which multiple units were sold in the same transaction. In Multiple Unit Sales, the stated sale price corresponds to more than one property. Therefore, no price per square foot is calculated for the sale as it is not an appropriate measure.

Ownership Analysis

Primary Resident (%)
% of Building Sold
Ownership % by Years Owned
Avg Purchase Price Paid by Years Owned
Avg Price PSF Paid by Years Owned

Unit by Unit Ownership Roll

UnitBDBASFSale DateSale PriceSale PSFPrior SalePrior PricePrior PSFHome
Tax Assessed
101321,15011/2013--11/199586,90076N174,110Darien Cordero
102321,15009/2002138,00012011/199588,40077N174,110Rolando Ors &w Maria D
103321,15010/2016--06/2004165,000143N174,110Wert Living Trust
104321,15011/199586,90076---N174,110Miguel Altagracia Gonzalez
105321,15008/2002--11/199586,90076N174,110Barbara C Bedgood &h Richard G Jr
106321,15011/199586,90076---N174,110Alain Parrado &w Elaime
201321,15006/2019--07/2008--Y174,110Solorzano Adriana
202321,15001/199686,90076---Y174,110Orlando & Milton G Uribe
203321,15011/199588,70077---Y174,110Gerardo Urrea &w Luz
204321,15005/2016--11/2008150,000130N174,110Iglesias Vilma
205321,15012/2020--12/199586,90076Y174,110Cossio Ralph
301321,47006/2020210,00014303/2006290,000197N180,160Mhr Group Llc Tru
302321,47012/2006286,00019508/2005210,000143Y180,160Carlos H Piedrahita
303321,47004/2002134,0009102/199689,90061Y180,160Maria Bustamante
304321,47005/2016--05/2009150,000102N180,160Orozco Carmen A
305321,47002/199689,90061---N180,160Jose B Gregorisch &w Candelaria &
401321,15001/2015--12/199586,90076Y174,110Diaz Henry R
402321,15009/2019275,00023906/2006255,000222N174,110Acosta Eileen L
403321,15011/199586,90076---Y174,110Elio Revilla &w Maria C &
404321,15006/200084,4007303/200083,00072N174,110Luis A Benitez &w Juana Navarro
405321,15011/199586,90076---Y174,110Ruben Bejarano &w Yolanda R
406321,15011/199586,90076---N174,110Roberto C & Martha Gourrie
501321,15010/2018--11/199586,90076Y174,110Hernandez David
502321,15012/199586,90076---Y174,110Angela Rodriguez
503321,15010/2018--01/2014--Y174,110Rodriguez Gloria
504321,15011/199586,90076---Y174,110Emilio & Maria Elena Sanchez
505321,15006/2002--02/199686,90076Y174,110Maricel Gonzalez
601321,15010/2014--01/199686,90076N174,110Salcedo Maria N
602321,15002/199686,90076---Y174,110Jesus Valdes &w Daisy
603321,15002/199686,90076---Y174,110Raul A Batista &w Zoraida
604321,15002/199686,90076---Y174,110Betty Redondo
605321,15002/199686,90076---Y174,110Blas E Pantoja &w Maria
606321,15001/2014--09/2013--N174,110Federal Natl Mtg Assn
701321,15001/199686,90076---Y174,110Rafael Mesa &w Zoila H Rodriguez
702321,15002/199686,90076---Y174,110Jose Ramon Arias & Maria C Perez
703321,15012/2006275,00023902/2003140,000122Y174,110Monique Jacques
704321,15006/199688,10077---Y174,110Maria E Leiva
705321,15001/2005--07/199895,00083Y174,110Yvonne Lopez
801321,47009/2001129,0008807/199691,50062Y180,160Ana C Espinosa
802321,47003/199689,90061---Y180,160Germelina I Ramos &
803321,47009/199898,0006705/199689,90061N180,160Julio Aleman & Lila O Chavez &
804321,47005/2004--03/199689,90061Y180,160Ka Ling Cheung Chan
805321,47011/2009--04/2004--Y180,160Yamira Franquiz Sierra
901321,15002/2012--08/199993,00081Y174,110Maria E Perez
902321,15002/199686,90076---N174,110Orestes Fernandez &w Maria D
903321,15002/199686,90076---Y174,110Pedro Plata &w Nubia
904321,15011/2020320,00027808/2012--N174,110Navarro Arnan A Yanes
905321,15002/199686,90076---Y174,110Richard V Ojeda &w Nieves
906321,15002/199686,90076---Y174,110Ricardo & Ilce M Rosales
1001321,15003/199686,90076---N174,110Antonio Cardeno &w Teresa C
1002321,15003/202215,0001302/199686,90076Y174,110Jimenez Pages Lazaro
1003321,15004/2000--02/199686,90076Y174,110Rosa Esquivel (trust)
1004321,15012/2020240,00020901/2010125,000109Y174,110Osorio Andrea
1005321,15006/2014165,00014302/2014130,300113N174,110Azzy Group Inc
*MUS indicates a sale in which multiple units were sold in the same transaction. In Multiple Unit Sales, the stated sale price corresponds to more than one property. Therefore, no price per square foot is calculated for the sale as it is not an appropriate measure.

Historical Ownership

UnitBDBASFSale DateSale PriceSale PSF Owner
101321,15011/2013--Darien Cordero
    11/199586,90076Petrona Alfonso
102321,15009/2002138,000120Rolando Ors &w Maria D
103321,15010/2016--Wert Living Trust
    06/2004165,000143Marlene Linares
104321,15011/199586,90076Miguel Altagracia Gonzalez
105321,15008/2002--Barbara C Bedgood &h Richard G Jr
106321,15011/199586,90076Alain Parrado &w Elaime
201321,15006/2019--Solorzano Adriana
    07/2008--Adriana Solorzano Vargas &
    11/199586,90076Edmundo A Solorzano &w Adriana
202321,15001/199686,90076Orlando & Milton G Uribe
203321,15011/199588,70077Gerardo Urrea &w Luz
204321,15005/2016--Iglesias Vilma
    11/2008150,000130Carmen A Orozco
    10/2007--Hsbc Bank Usa N A Trs
    01/2005170,000148Jorge Builes
205321,15012/2020--Cossio Ralph
    12/199586,90076Ralph B Cossio
301321,47006/2020210,000143Mhr Group Llc Tru
    03/2006290,000197Shuja Uddin
302321,47012/2006286,000195Carlos H Piedrahita
303321,47004/2002134,00091Maria Bustamante
304321,47005/2016--Orozco Carmen A
    05/2009150,000102Vilma Iglesias
    11/2004187,000127Carmen Orozco
305321,47002/199689,90061Jose B Gregorisch &w Candelaria &
401321,15001/2015--Diaz Henry R
    12/199586,90076Eunice A Gonzalez
402321,15009/2019275,000239Acosta Eileen L
    06/2006255,000222Raul E Orta
403321,15011/199586,90076Elio Revilla &w Maria C &
404321,15006/200084,40073Luis A Benitez &w Juana Navarro
405321,15011/199586,90076Ruben Bejarano &w Yolanda R
406321,15011/199586,90076Roberto C & Martha Gourrie
501321,15010/2018--Hernandez David
    11/199586,90076David Hernandez &
502321,15012/199586,90076Angela Rodriguez
503321,15010/2018--Rodriguez Gloria
    01/2014--Gloria V Rodriguez
    11/199590,00078Inocencio Rodriguez &w Gloria V
504321,15011/199586,90076Emilio & Maria Elena Sanchez
505321,15006/2002--Maricel Gonzalez
    02/199686,90076Virgilio Gonzalez &w Maricel
601321,15010/2014--Salcedo Maria N
    01/199686,90076Maria N Salcedo & Ana C Rodriguez
602321,15002/199686,90076Jesus Valdes &w Daisy
603321,15002/199686,90076Raul A Batista &w Zoraida
604321,15002/199686,90076Betty Redondo
605321,15002/199686,90076Blas E Pantoja &w Maria
606321,15001/2014--Federal Natl Mtg Assn
    09/2013--Federal Natl Mtg Assn
    05/199686,90076Victor Gonzalez &w Marlene
701321,15001/199686,90076Rafael Mesa &w Zoila H Rodriguez
702321,15002/199686,90076Jose Ramon Arias & Maria C Perez
703321,15012/2006275,000239Monique Jacques
704321,15006/199688,10077Maria E Leiva
705321,15001/2005--Yvonne Lopez
801321,47009/2001129,00088Ana C Espinosa
802321,47003/199689,90061Germelina I Ramos &
803321,47009/199898,00067Julio Aleman & Lila O Chavez &
804321,47005/2004--Ka Ling Cheung Chan
805321,47011/2009--Yamira Franquiz Sierra
901321,15002/2012--Maria E Perez
    08/199993,00081Vladimir Torres &w Maria E Perez
902321,15002/199686,90076Orestes Fernandez &w Maria D
903321,15002/199686,90076Pedro Plata &w Nubia
904321,15011/2020320,000278Navarro Arnan A Yanes
    08/2012--Llc A & H Holdings A
    08/2004152,000132Abel Fernandez &w Hilda M
905321,15002/199686,90076Richard V Ojeda &w Nieves
906321,15002/199686,90076Ricardo & Ilce M Rosales
1001321,15003/199686,90076Antonio Cardeno &w Teresa C
1002321,15003/202215,00013Jimenez Pages Lazaro
    02/199686,90076Edna Jimenez Page &
1003321,15004/2000--Rosa Esquivel (trust)
1004321,15012/2020240,000209Osorio Andrea
    01/2010125,000109Francis Trejos
    04/199686,90076Marielena Peraza
1005321,15006/2014165,000143Azzy Group Inc
    02/2014130,300113Bank Of New York Mellon Tru
    03/2005205,000178Jacqueline S Fraga
*MUS indicates a sale in which multiple units were sold in the same transaction. In Multiple Unit Sales, the stated sale price corresponds to more than one property. Therefore, no price per square foot is calculated for the sale as it is not an appropriate measure.

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