Miami Gardens/Ives Estates Condo Market

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ZIP Codes in Market:  33179, 33169

Cities in Market:  Miami, Miami Gardens, North Miami

Number of Buildings:  37

Price Trend:  -11%

Most Expensive Buildings (PSF):

Least Expensive Buildings (PSF):

Buildings with the Most Units:
Misty Lake Condo 199
Monterrey Village-Two Condo 194

Buildings with the Most Sales 1Q19:
Azure Lake Condo 1
Lake View of Calif Club Condo II 1

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Disclaimer: Google map locations are approximations.

Building Name City ZIP Code # Units
Azure Lake Condo Miami 33179
California Club Condo Miami 33179
California Club Northpointe Miami 33179
California Club Townhouses Miami 33179
Cedar Glenn Condo Apts. East Miami 33179
Chantilly Condo Miami 33179
Coco Wood Condo Miami 33179
Laguna Pointe at Calif Club Condo Miami 33179
Lake Park Condo Miami 33179
Lake View of Calif Club Condo II Miami 33179
Lake View of the California Club Condo Miami 33179
McArthur Park Misty Lake Condo PH 1 & 2 Miami 33169
Misty Lake Condo Miami 33169
Misty Lake South Condo PH 1 & 2 Miami Gardens 33179
Monterey Four Condo Miami 33179
Monterey One Condo Miami 33179
Monterey Three Condo North Miami 33179
Monterey Two Condo Miami 33179
Monterey Village-One Condo Miami 33179
Monterrey Village-Two Condo Miami 33179
Northlake Village at the California Club Miami 33179
Quatraine Condo I PHS I Thru IV North Miami 33179
Quatraine Condo II PH I thru III Miami 33179
Quatraine Condo III Miami 33179
Quatraine Condo IV Miami 33179
Ro-Mont South Condo 'M N P Q' Miami 33179
Ro-Mont South Green Condo 'TWX' Miami 33179
Ro-Mont South Green Condo SUV North Miami 33179
Royal Oaks Condo Miami 33179
San Simeon Homes Miami 33179
San Simeon The Calif Club Condo 1 Miami 33179
Sandpiper at the California Club Condo Miami 33179
Sierra Ridge Condo A Miami 33179
Sky Lake Villas 1st Addn Miami 33179
Summertree Vilg at California Club Condo PH 1 to 8 Miami 33179
Townhomes of Monterey Miami 33179
Villas on the Green Miami 33179

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