Jade Residences Condo  (Miami, FL)

10 Most Recent Sales by Unit Type


Sale DateUnitBDBASFSale PriceSale PSFBuyerSellerPrior SalePrior Sale PricePrior PSF
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1 Bedroom

Sale DateUnitBDBASFSale PriceSale PSFBuyerSellerPrior SalePrior Sale PricePrior PSF
03/181505111135750,000661Poliner Jessica DMaurice Darwish &W04/14785,000692
12/17120411895380,000425Cicma HarryJab1204 Llc12/14415,000464
12/171605111135740,000652Dumitriu OvidiuProfessional Asset Mgmt Corp09/04499,550440
11/1760411895375,000419Palm Avenue Hialeah LlcYidi Cure Paulette M05/17--
10/17170611895399,900447Gristar Brickell LlcFks Apt Llc12/11300,000335
09/171205111135--Bello AlexisAlexis Bello09/13700,000617
04/17100411895410,000458December 29 IncAre 1004 Inc08/04400,000447
01/17100611895--Munoz Carlos Adolfon/a01/08--
12/1690411895358,000400Surdi Vincent JrJade Sisters Llc07/12290,000324
11/1680411895380,000425Jade Akm LlcCasa Mia Intl Prop Llc08/08281,000314

2 Bedrooms

Sale DateUnitBDBASFSale PriceSale PSFBuyerSellerPrior SalePrior Sale PricePrior PSF
05/182702221529--Quamina BarbarBarbara Quamina01/14--
04/1818032317301,075,000621Armas EddieLee Jeannette H09/17--
03/181208221529762,000498Rocha Victor MJade 1601 Llc03/10685,000448
01/182008221529875,000572Weiser PartnersMichael Weiser &W05/10575,000376
12/17808221529745,000487Rocha Victor ManuelJade Unit 808 Llc11/08300,000196
11/1725012218781,440,000767Cae Computer Aided Usa CorpShipman John T06/151,425,000759
11/171602221529733,000479Cure Paulette YPalm Avenue Hialeah Llc03/15--
11/172903231730--Jade Residences At Brickell Bay Condo Assn IncMusiate Kelly Paulo05/17--
11/171002221529690,000451Alvarez PedroKamatagua563 Llc11/13760,000497
10/17408221460660,000452Schnabel Michael PMario &w De Michele03/09420,000288

3+ Bedrooms

Sale DateUnitBDBASFSale PriceSale PSFBuyerSellerPrior SalePrior Sale PricePrior PSF
01/1828073321301,640,000770Abraham EdwardBlue Constellation Resources Ltd08/111,225,000575
11/1744014434151,870,000548Mato Gerardo EComex Of America Inc05/17--
11/174105332130--Castillo LeopoldoSandbox Invest Ltd10/041,395,000655
11/1733114434152,800,000820Rello Jose Alejandro SalvideaWeatherbury Ltd03/082,000,000586
08/1741073321301,850,000869Jade Miami Properties LlcBasehall International Inc07/061,565,000735
07/1745014434152,375,000695Ellen M Kirsh Revocable Trust Tru ForAm 007 Llc06/081,575,000461
07/1729073321301,640,000770Jacur International LlcGreen Baron Co Ltd09/041,260,000592
05/174401443415--Comex Of America IncPacheco Gustavo Soares De Gouvea03/17--
03/1722053321301,650,000775Jade Moon Overseas IncRoberto Lang03/10879,000413
03/174401443415--Pacheco Gustavo Soares De GouveaComex Of America Inc05/12--


Sale DateUnitBDBASFSale PriceSale PSFBuyerSellerPrior SalePrior Sale PricePrior PSF
04/18BL-340023201,675,000722Jade Bl 34 Holdings LlcCohen Steven J05/161,624,220700
03/18BL-33001364--Outumuro CeledonioRego Financial Inc06/15875,000641
08/17PH47070040155,300,0001,320Gunn Jacqueline DTulum Invest Corp08/114,000,000996
07/17BL-460018271,200,000657Jade Bl 46 Holdings LlcJade Bayloft 46 Corp10/04980,000536
10/16BL-480026691,930,000723Giuffrida SilvanaGallego Guadalupe06/14--
05/16BL-340023201,624,220700Cohen Steven JBl 34 Llc01/15--
06/15BL-33001364875,000641Rego Financial IncRafael Sanchez10/04740,000543
01/15BL-34002320--Bl 34 LlcJohn Marquez &09/061,600,000690
01/15CU 20032593,068,000941Mikeone Jade Cu 2 LlcJade Ofc Llc03/111,550,000476
08/14CU 10031052,350,0007571104 Portofino IncJade Cu 1 Llc06/05250,00081

*Does not include quitclaim deeds (intra-party transfers) or foreclosure sales as these transfers should not be considered market sales. MUS indicates a sale in which multiple units were sold in the same transaction. In Multiple Unit Sales, the stated sale price corresponds to more than one property. No price per square foot is calculated for the sale as it is not an appropriate measure.

Second Quarter Activity


# UnitsHighLowAvg
1 Bedroom----
2 Bedrooms11,075,0001,075,0001,075,000
3 Bedrooms----
Entire Building11,075,0001,075,0001,075,000

Sales Price Per Sq Ft

1 Bedroom---
2 Bedrooms621621621
3 Bedrooms---
Entire Building621621621


# UnitsHighLowAvg
1 Bedroom7770,000399,900561,771
2 Bedrooms121,550,000749,0001,169,667
3 Bedrooms42,700,0001,870,0002,253,750
Entire Building232,700,000399,9001,173,191

Listings Price Per Sq Ft

1 Bedroom678385519
2 Bedrooms825490682
3 Bedrooms913732828
Entire Building913385658

Units (#)
Avg Price Per Sq Ft ($)

Last 4 Quarter Activity


# UnitsHighLowAvg
1 Bedroom5750,000375,000528,980
2 Bedrooms131,440,000660,000976,923
3 Bedrooms62,800,0001,640,0002,029,167
Entire Building242,800,000375,0001,146,663

Sales Price Per Sq Ft

1 Bedroom661419521
2 Bedrooms767451587
3 Bedrooms869548745
Entire Building869419613

Units (#)
Avg Price Per Sq Ft ($)

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