ID:9078 - Fernwoods Condo No 3 - Miami, FL - Miami Condo Report, Ownership Roll

Fernwoods Condo No 3  (Miami, FL)

Multiple Unit Ownership

Multiple Unit OwnerTotal Units Owned (#)
*Multiple unit owner analysis is important to determine if one or more individuals or groups owns more than one unit in the building. There could be multiple unit owners in a building for several reasons including a developer holding existing units it was unable to sell, a resident purchasing adjacent units to combine them into a larger single unit, speculators/investors purchasing multiple units as an investment, or banks holding multiple units as a result of a foreclosure. An analysis of the multiple unit owners helps you understand ownership dynamics in a building.

Multiple Unit Owner Detail

OwnerUnitPurchase DatePurchase PricePurchase PSFBDBASF
*MUS indicates a sale in which multiple units were sold in the same transaction. In Multiple Unit Sales, the stated sale price corresponds to more than one property. Therefore, no price per square foot is calculated for the sale as it is not an appropriate measure.

Ownership Analysis

Primary Resident (%)
% of Building Sold
Ownership % by Years Owned
Avg Purchase Price Paid by Years Owned
Avg Price PSF Paid by Years Owned

Unit by Unit Ownership Roll

UnitBDBASFSale DateSale PriceSale PSFPrior SalePrior PricePrior PSFHome
Tax Assessed
1010084202/201717,5002111/2012--Y111,240Almora Emma R
1020083108/2018149,75018005/2015105,000126N111,240Quintana Ivelys
1030083102/2022--11/2021190,000229Y111,240Navarro Marialina
1040084204/199131,0003704/197724,00029N111,240Conrad J Riumbau
1050084207/199753,0006302/199646,50055Y111,240Marta L Ocampo
1060083112/200964,9007806/2009--Y111,240Manuel Pando
107001,18601/2007--11/199972,00061Y130,970Orlando Morciego &w Olga Martinez
109001,18602/2008185,00015610/200080,00067N130,970Ana M Montesino
110001,18606/2015--06/201063,80054N130,970Socorro International Enterprises Corp
1110083112/199031,5003804/198830,00036N111,240Rene Ferrer &w Maria
0084205/2017--04/2008--N111,240Guido Invest Corp
1130085405/2009--12/2008--N111,240Sara Gutierrez Trs
2010084902/199539,0004609/197524,40029N112,440Julio R Martini
202001,19312/2020225,00018908/199960,00050N115,250Almazan Emely E
203001,19312/199354,0004505/1991--Y115,250Ruth S Arenas
2040084905/199748,5005704/199336,00042N112,440Manuel I Perera
2050084908/2005--06/2005--Y112,440Maria T Urgelles Tr
2060083812/2020--07/2019140,000167N112,440Motre Dup Llc
207001,19309/2005195,00016304/198355,00046N115,250Aldo B Seoane &w Leonor
208001,19302/199661,0005108/1994--N115,250Alfredo P Perez &w Ady M
209001,19305/199765,0005410/197534,30029N115,250Julio Perez & Jorge Hernandez
210001,19301/199864,0005403/198260,00050Y115,250Ignacio Castillo &w Jany
2110083805/1999--11/199233,80040N112,440Orlando Sarasua (Tr)
2120084911/2000--02/199133,50039N112,440Donald R Jr & Ileana M Oxley Trs
2130086106/200810-10/198043,50051N112,440Florence A Chwastyk
3010084901/200395,00011204/200274,00087Y113,640Lesbia Murillo
302001,19309/197833,5002805/19771-N116,670Shirley Jean Atkins
303001,19307/2004--07/199769,00058N116,670Agustin Rivero
3040084902/197524,90029---N113,640James H Smith &w Alicia
3050084902/1998--02/199132,00038Y113,640Teresa & Iliana Klopfenstein
3060083806/2005134,00016001/2004--Y113,640Ileana Paklak
307001,19309/199765,0005402/197635,80030N116,670Milton Meneses
308001,19306/200075,0006307/199250,00042N116,670Jose Franchi &w Mirta
309001,19306/1995--11/197836,80031Y116,670Brian D Nees
310001,19312/2005200,00016803/200290,00075N116,670Victor Miyares
3110083806/2021143,00017105/2003--Y113,640Jnj Properties Inc
3120084903/2015--08/2008--Y113,640Random Properties Acquisition Corp Iii
3130086106/2004101,00011709/197525,40030Y113,640Edilberto M Obregon &w
4010084902/199438,5004510/198045,90054Y114,910Raul Santos
402001,19306/199444,0003705/199240,00034N118,100Minerva Pla Amalfi
403001,20401/199864,5005407/197942,00035N126,000Jesus Loya
4050084904/199440,0004706/197934,00040N114,910Ramon Rodriguez &w Marta
4060083808/200280,0009506/199334,00041Y114,910Magdalena Bernal
407001,19305/1996--10/199139,60033Y118,100Rolando J Fernandez &w Mercedes
408001,19308/199972,0006005/1997--Y118,100Mary Horosco
409001,19303/2007210,00017611/1994--N118,100Edilberto M Obregon &w Estrella
410001,19301/1996--10/1994--Y118,100Juan A Jimenez
4110083806/200057,0006808/198338,00045Y114,910Oscar Simon &w Dora A
4120084902/197527,10032---Y114,910Allen Hirsh &w Linda L
*MUS indicates a sale in which multiple units were sold in the same transaction. In Multiple Unit Sales, the stated sale price corresponds to more than one property. Therefore, no price per square foot is calculated for the sale as it is not an appropriate measure.

Historical Ownership

UnitBDBASFSale DateSale PriceSale PSF Owner
1010084202/201717,50021Almora Emma R
    11/2012--Jorge G Gutierrez
    04/199954,50065Nilo Diaz
1020083108/2018149,750180Quintana Ivelys
    05/2015105,000126Velasco Ignacio M
    05/199748,50058Regla N Perez
1030083102/2022--Navarro Marialina
    11/2021190,000229Navarro Marialina
    06/201384,000101Andrea M Rodriguez
    10/2012--Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp
    07/2012--Wells Fargo Bnk N A
    07/2011--Fernwoods Ii Condo Assn Inc
    10/200295,000114Antonio Benitez
1040084204/199131,00037Conrad J Riumbau
1050084207/199753,00063Marta L Ocampo
1060083112/200964,90078Manuel Pando
    06/2009--Wells Fargo Bnk N A Tru
    03/2007175,000211Julio Garcia
    06/200162,00075Jose A Romero
107001,18601/2007--Orlando Morciego &w Olga Martinez
    11/199972,00061Orlando Morciego &w Olga Martinez
109001,18602/2008185,000156Ana M Montesino
    10/200080,00067Idenia H Hernandez
110001,18606/2015--Socorro International Enterprises Corp
    06/201063,80054Socorro Intl Enterp Corp
    08/2005176,000148Abel Sanchez
1110083112/199031,50038Rene Ferrer &w Maria
0084205/2017--Guido Invest Corp
1130085405/2009--Sara Gutierrez Revocable Trust Tru For
    12/2008--Sara Tru Gutierrez
    08/2005142,000166Teresita Rodriguez
2010084902/199539,00046Julio R Martini
202001,19312/2020225,000189Almazan Emely E
    08/199960,00050Jose A Antonio &
203001,19312/199354,00045Ruth S Arenas
2040084905/199748,50057Manuel I Perera &w Doris I
2050084908/2005--Maria T Urgelles Tr
2060083812/2020--Motre Dup Llc
    07/2019140,000167Morales Zoila
    02/2006--Elizabeth Russo
207001,19309/2005195,000163Aldo B Seoane &w Leonor
208001,19302/199661,00051Alfredo P Perez &w Ady M
209001,19305/199765,00054Julio Perez & Jorge Hernandez
210001,19301/199864,00054Ignacio Castillo &w Jany
2110083805/1999--Orlando Sarasua (tr)
2120084911/2000--Donald R Jr & Ileana M Oxley Trs
2130086106/200810-Florence A Chwastyk
    10/198043,50051Florence A Chwastyk
3010084901/200395,000112Lesbia Murillo
302001,19309/197833,50028Shirley Jean Atkins
303001,19307/2004--Agustin Rivero
3040084902/197524,90029James H Smith &w Alicia
3050084902/1998--Teresa & Iliana Klopfenstein
3060083806/2005134,000160Ileana Paklak
307001,19309/199765,00054Milton Meneses
308001,19306/200075,00063Jose Franchi &w Mirta
309001,19306/1995--Brian D Nees
310001,19312/2005200,000168Victor Miyares
3110083806/2021143,000171Jnj Properties Inc
    05/2003--Caridad Jorge
3120084903/2015--Random Properties Acquisition Corp Iii
    08/2008--Ruben A Gutierrez
    03/2007--Ruben A Gutierrez &
3130086106/2004101,000117Edilberto M Obregon &w
4010084902/199438,50045Raul Santos
402001,19306/199444,00037Minerva Pla Amalfi
403001,20401/199864,50054Jesus Loya
4050084904/199440,00047Ramon Rodriguez &w Marta
4060083808/200280,00095Magdalena Bernal
407001,19305/1996--Rolando J Fernandez &w Mercedes
408001,19308/199972,00060Mary Horosco
409001,19303/2007210,000176Edilberto M Obregon &w Estrella
    11/1994--Martina Gonzalez Loredo
410001,19301/1996--Juan A Jimenez
4110083806/200057,00068Oscar Simon &w Dora A
4120084902/197527,10032Allen Hirsh &w Linda L
*MUS indicates a sale in which multiple units were sold in the same transaction. In Multiple Unit Sales, the stated sale price corresponds to more than one property. Therefore, no price per square foot is calculated for the sale as it is not an appropriate measure.

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