El Portal/Upper East Side Condo Market

ZIP Codes in Market:  33138, 33150

Cities in Market:  Miami, Miami Shores

Number of Buildings:  19

Price Trend:  n/a

Most Expensive Buildings (PSF):

Least Expensive Buildings (PSF):

Buildings with the Most Units:
Sunset Palm Villas Condo 267
The Palm Bay Yacht Club Condo 235

Buildings with the Most Sales 1Q23:
The Bank Condo 0
Palm Bay Condo 0

Building Name City ZIP Code # Units
The Bank Condo Miami 33138 84
Biscayne Cove Condo Miami 33138 70
Clipper Condo No 1 Miami 33138 149
Harbour Club Villas Condo Miami Shores 33138 79
Miami Shores Condo Miami Shores 33138 58
Nirvana Condo No Five Condo Miami 33138 60
Nirvana Condo No Four Condo Miami 33138 60
Nirvana Condo No One Condo Miami 33138 85
Nirvana Condo No Three Condo Miami 33138 85
Nirvana Condo No Two Condo Miami 33138 84
Palm Bay Condo Miami 33138 72
Palm Bay Towers Condo Miami 33138 68
The Palm Bay Yacht Club Condo Miami 33138 235
The Preserve Condo Miami 33138 98
Riverview Village Condo Miami 33138 51
Shores Plaza East Condo Miami 33138 54
Shores Villas Condo Miami 33138 88
South Shore Condo Miami 33138 59
Sunset Palm Villas Condo Miami 33150 267

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