ID:11302 - Carmel California Club Condo # 28 - Miami, FL - Miami Condo Report, Ownership Roll

Carmel California Club Condo # 28  (Miami, FL)

Multiple Unit Ownership

Multiple Unit OwnerTotal Units Owned (#)
*Multiple unit owner analysis is important to determine if one or more individuals or groups owns more than one unit in the building. There could be multiple unit owners in a building for several reasons including a developer holding existing units it was unable to sell, a resident purchasing adjacent units to combine them into a larger single unit, speculators/investors purchasing multiple units as an investment, or banks holding multiple units as a result of a foreclosure. An analysis of the multiple unit owners helps you understand ownership dynamics in a building.

Multiple Unit Owner Detail


Ownership Analysis

Primary Resident (%)

Unit by Unit Ownership Roll

UnitBDBASFHomesteadTax Assessed
101001070Y115,570Corey E Richburg
102001070N115,570Francesco Lombardi &W Maria
10300907Y101,150James Fusco &W Josephine &
10400907N101,150Patrick St Fleur &
10500907Y101,150Michael L Jones
10600907N101,150Jocabe Investments Inc
107001070N115,570Yvonne P Armstrong
108001070Y115,570Roslyn Boniske
201001070N119,520Shuen Alice Hui
202001070Y119,520Sharlene Samuel
20300907N104,250Patrick Baptiste
20400907Y104,250Linda Angress
20500907Y104,250Kenneth Charles Freimark
20600907Y104,250Melissa Paez
207001070Y119,520Olanike Adebayo
208001070Y119,520Reginale Gregoire

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