Villa Castillo Condo  (Miami, FL)

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Multiple Unit Ownership

Multiple Unit OwnerTotal Units Owned (#)
*Multiple unit owner analysis is important to determine if one or more individuals or groups owns more than one unit in the building. There could be multiple unit owners in a building for several reasons including a developer holding existing units it was unable to sell, a resident purchasing adjacent units to combine them into a larger single unit, speculators/investors purchasing multiple units as an investment, or banks holding multiple units as a result of a foreclosure. An analysis of the multiple unit owners helps you understand ownership dynamics in a building.

Multiple Unit Owner Detail

OwnerUnitPurchase DatePurchase PricePurchase PSFBDBASF
*MUS indicates a sale in which multiple units were sold in the same transaction. In Multiple Unit Sales, the stated sale price corresponds to more than one property. Therefore, no price per square foot is calculated for the sale as it is not an appropriate measure.

Ownership Analysis

Primary Resident (%)
% of Building Sold
Ownership % by Years Owned
Avg Purchase Price Paid by Years Owned
Avg Price PSF Paid by Years Owned

Unit by Unit Ownership Roll

UnitBDBASFSale DateSale PriceSale PSFPrior SalePrior PricePrior PSFHome
Tax Assessed
321,59007/2004235,00014804/2002182,500115Y280,150Ana C Lainez
221,50002/2000137,90092---Y47,269Sylvia Alas
321,58011/2005--06/2005285,000180Y276,744Jorge A Godoy &w Rudi &
421,81006/2003222,00012303/2002190,000105Y296,864Steven Melnick
421,81010/1999151,90084---Y22,048Jacqueline & Bianca Compagnoni &
321,59003/1999129,90082---Y49,080Nidia C Duenas
321,59007/2000142,40090---N280,150Leonardo Hernandez
321,59006/2004240,00015106/2003210,000132N274,874Gilda T Guenechea
321,59004/2009220,00013801/2009--N274,874Rocio Di Rocco
321,58012/2002203,50012906/2000153,60097N276,744Lalit Mehta &w Gunbala
321,58003/2006--02/2003--Y276,744Ligia Seijas
421,81007/2000156,90087---N296,864Richard Martinez Lopez
321,59006/2000139,90088---Y49,930Carlos J Avila
421,81007/2000156,90087---Y55,610Manuel M Valle &w Nydia
321,58006/2000144,90092---N46,327Domingo Ginory &w Martha A
221,50009/2000--06/2000144,90097N268,234Hector & Adelina S De Buxade
321,59006/2000144,90091---Y48,758Maria T Bravo & Adelina B Avila
421,81009/2004274,00015103/2000169,70094Y302,140Diego D Silva &w Maria B
221,50008/2000125,0008303/2000134,90090Y12,289Brendan W Miller
221,50006/2004231,00015403/2000142,20095N268,234James L Bowers &w
221,50001/2003188,80012603/2000137,90092Y268,234Raysa Herrera
421,81003/2000151,90084---N296,864Asraj Holdings Inc
321,58001/2007290,00018406/2005285,000180N276,744Laurence E Audevie
321,59003/2002180,00011303/2000139,90088Y15,671Barbara Huang
321,58002/2006--03/2000144,90092N276,744Theresa Dacosta
421,81003/2000154,90086---N302,140Gustavo M Padilla &w Sylvia
421,81008/1999154,90086---N302,140Donna Donaldson
321,59005/2004233,00014708/1999129,90082Y274,874Ricardo Yanez &w Virginia C
321,58008/1999139,90089---N276,744Paradise Real Estate Invest Inc
321,59008/1999139,90088---Y49,930Fernando A Cruz (jr)
321,58004/2004234,00014807/1999146,50093Y276,744Zoila Legra
321,59007/1999143,50090---N274,874Ana Logan
321,59008/1999139,90088---Y49,930Wanda Romero
321,58007/1999150,70095---Y46,327Myron Harasym &w Jeanne
321,58009/2003228,00014408/1999139,90089N276,744Vivian Saladrigas
321,59008/1999134,90085---Y48,758Johans Rodriguez
321,59008/2005295,00018612/1999138,60087Y280,150Moira I Stephens
321,59005/2000160,00010111/1999129,90082Y49,930Leonora Nadel
321,58011/1999144,90092---N276,744Regina Moscote
421,81011/1999163,50090---Y55,610Debra L Roth
321,58011/1999142,20090---Y46,327Sonia Nittinger
321,58007/2002192,30012212/1999151,70096Y9,453Maria C Varas
421,81002/2005299,00016512/1999186,100103Y297,140Aristobule Deverson &w Martine
321,59012/2000150,0009412/1999134,90085Y49,606Orlando Garcia Featured In The Press: