Tiara East Condo  (Deerfield Beach, FL)

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Multiple Unit Ownership

Multiple Unit OwnerTotal Units Owned (#)
*Multiple unit owner analysis is important to determine if one or more individuals or groups owns more than one unit in the building. There could be multiple unit owners in a building for several reasons including a developer holding existing units it was unable to sell, a resident purchasing adjacent units to combine them into a larger single unit, speculators/investors purchasing multiple units as an investment, or banks holding multiple units as a result of a foreclosure. An analysis of the multiple unit owners helps you understand ownership dynamics in a building.

Multiple Unit Owner Detail


Ownership Analysis

Primary Resident (%)

Unit by Unit Ownership Roll

UnitBDBASFHomesteadTax Assessed
Steele, Mark D
Freeman, Stanley R & Freeman, Toby Linda
Flynn, Matthew & Pamela S
Skolnick, Adam & Barbara E & Skolnick, Steven L
Henry D Hoffman Iii Rev Tr Hoffman, Henry D Iii Trstee
Walters, Thomas
Verbic, Gloria L, Verbic, Daniel P Verbic, M J, Verbic, Judy K Et Al
Sadaka, Nicholas & Dana & Sadaka, David & Stephanie
Abbott, Mary D Le Mary D Abbott Rev Tr
Portell, Denise M
Mazzei, Adrian
Goldman, Muriel
Maria Volosin Rev Tr Volosin, Maria Trstee
Litzenberger, Patricia A & Litzenberger, Robert C
Hurst, Thelma Thelma Hurst Rev Liv Tr
Negron, Reinaldo & Anne Kelly
Proodian, Karen Lucy
Conti, Angela A
Cassaro, Charles & Cassaro, Bessie
Marulis, Andrew P Marulis, Barbara E
Sarin, Ravinder K & Sudha
Rosa, Frank
Hoffman, Henry D Iii 1/2 Int Gholdoian, Patricia Ann
Voyatzis, George N & Alexandra N
Smith, William L Jr & Blaikie, Pamela Anne
Lee, Thomas C
Razzo, Michael A & Debra A
Mavrikis, Charles P
Pace, Wayne G
Bouchard, Jacques Jr & Paquette, Fanny
Powell, Joseph A Le Powell, Georgene B
Jacqueline B Krutsch Tr Krutsch, Jacqueline B Trstee
Peters, Donald S
Gray, Katharine M & Gray, Richard R
Lombardi, Robin
Mueller-Punga, Stefani
Lehmann, Jack & Virginia
Cerutti, Charles & Doris
Daniel, Mary Jo Est %Daniel, David C Prd
Alvarez, Jorge A
Frances Martini Tr Martini, Frances Trstee
Callan, Peter J
Catinella, Florence & Concetto L
Sweeney, Daniel & Mary Ann & Calciano, Jeanette M
Nordquist, Nancy Ann
Herring, Gino M
Yealy, Helen S
Stults, Margaret W Margaret W Stults Rev Tr
Maria Volosin Rev Tr Volosin, Maria Trstee
King, Eleanor A
Giacinto, Michael
Giacinto, Michael
Grecco, Rosalie % Capell Vishnick & Odierno
Mcaleer, Shawn Patrick
Breitenbach, Paul T & Breitenbach, Brenda J
Gacicia, Diane
Anklowitz, Leonard & Rose
Zaken, William J
Katsenos, Athanasios & Georgina
Wheeler, Dana J
Vorel, Ellen C
Mikan, Joseph L & Lynn M
Vellone, Joseph & Ida
Laus, Joan Joan Laus Rev Tr
Rosen, Eileen P
Noce, Roseann V
Odorisi, Frank N & Linda M
Wainwright, Richard
Maguire, Francis J & Maguire, Helen E
Jordan, Elaine Burfield
Tomburo, Maris
Galaian, Armen Shmavonian, Susanna
Vallee, Madeleine Le Vallee, Guy & Vallee, Francine
Gregoriou, Angeliki 1/2 Int Geotes, Anastasia
Betty Jane Logan Rev Tr Logan, Betty Jane Trstee
Kerr, Gerald & Carole
Kartman, Barton & Ellen Le Kartman, Bradley & Kartman, T
Klein, Nellie H Nellie H Klein Rev Tr
Luce, Helen A
Hodde, Deborah I & Hodde, Richard X
Deprisco, Deirdre
Herrington, William K
Longordo, Danielle & Natale
Jenny Fam Tr Jenny, Marcelline D Trstee Etal
Duguet, Fernand & Lucette Jette
Fimmano, Georgiana 1/2 Int Fimmano, Janine
Moore/Skeels Llp
Hernon, Mary & Patrick
Jeanette Watkins Liv Tr Watkins, Jeanette Trstee
Carta, Patsy & Carta, Christine J Carta, Michelle A & Ledford, P A
Angeloff, Sneja & Angeloff, James D
Balian, Garbis & Sylvia
Mavrikis, Phyllis J Mavrikis, Charles P
Israel, Elaine
Macdonald, Judith Marilyn & Macdonald, Michael Edward
Aliano, Vincent
Gill, Irene Denton
San Filippo, Lorraine
Finkelberg, Roberto & Soto, Nilda
Padula, Felice & Catherine & Padula, L J
Roberts, Bruce A
Cherry, Heidi
Singh, Dilip & Singh, Sirtaj
Kuczborski, Joseph M Joseph M Kuczborski Tr
Joan M Kalil Fam Tr Kalil, Joan M Trstee
Pace Real Estate Llc
Auld, Colin & Auld, Vivian
Jerome, Robert D & Barbara J
Fried, George D 1/2 Int Fried, Olga
Princiotta, Vera Cook Vera Cook Princiotta Tr
Murphy, Mildred M Burley, Edward C
De La Vega, Jaime
Lewis, Edward M & Lewis, Patricia H
Tierney, Michael Sean
Shaffer, Steven
Longordo, Natale & Danielle Fimmano, Frank
Goldkind, William I & Joy A
Macchia, Pasquale & Macchia, Dora
Hayes, Catherine S
Cotton, Paul G
Hatzikostantis, Mark & Dina
Lantier, Robert M
Alston, Briten
Weppner, Kerry D & Michael R
Bonello, Francis V
Fried, Mark & Fried, Joyce
O'Connell, David K
Floyd, Julian J & Charlotte
Hirt, Patrick J & Judith
Lipsky, Joanna S G N & Joanna S Lipsky Tr
Green, Anne K
Joseph B & Maria A Reid Liv Tr Reid, Joseph B & Maria A Trstee
Marks, Bennett
Blow, Evelyn W Le Butson, Evelyn B
Venuto, Joseph & Laura L
Breitenbach, Paul T & Breitenbach, Brenda J
Merz, Manfred Emil & Gisela
Nobile, Angelo J
Steven L Bromberg Rev Liv Tr Bromberg, Steven L Trstee
Thomson, Angela K
Hill, Roberta G
Stewart, Bernice M Le Mc Lean, Robert W Et Al
Eckardt, Doris
Wilzman, Robert H Robert H Wilzman Rev Liv Tr
Berkman, Don L
Vrm Invest Llc
Vrm Invest Llc
Walters, Thomas
Battistini, Luz M
Marlene Cutitar Tr Cutitar, Markebe Trstee
Crafton, J E & Crafton, L D & Crafton, A L & Crafton, M L
Fierimonte, Anthony & Ann
Pastal, Fernande & Nikolaus
Scaggs, Steven & Diane
Test, Frederick L & Janice E Test Family Tr
Schubach, Margaret Le Cendo, Richard
Airline Inventory Mgmt Co Inc
Alter, Gloria & Alter, William T
Tierney, Donnalee Watson
Kramer, Frederick G & Ruth M
Kenerson, James F & Janice A
Vitta, Ronald J
Alderman, James
O'Malley, Charles M
Dominguez, Alejandro Dominguez, Martha
Palkaninec, Irene N
Silverman, Francis F & Silverman, Evelyn
Innarella, Mary Denise Innarella, Vincent S
Gorsun, Barry Richard Barry Richard Gorsun Rev Tr
Barry Richard Gorsun Rev Tr Gorsun, Barry Richard Trstee
Dorothea M Holland Rev Liv Tr Holland, Dorothea M Trstee
Kaufman, Blaine M & Janet L
Rochefort, Jean Guy & Therese
Delaney, Charles L & Delaney, Loral I
Callahan, Dennis

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