Oceanage Condo  (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

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Multiple Unit Ownership

Multiple Unit OwnerTotal Units Owned (#)
*Multiple unit owner analysis is important to determine if one or more individuals or groups owns more than one unit in the building. There could be multiple unit owners in a building for several reasons including a developer holding existing units it was unable to sell, a resident purchasing adjacent units to combine them into a larger single unit, speculators/investors purchasing multiple units as an investment, or banks holding multiple units as a result of a foreclosure. An analysis of the multiple unit owners helps you understand ownership dynamics in a building.

Multiple Unit Owner Detail


Ownership Analysis

Primary Resident (%)

Unit by Unit Ownership Roll

UnitBDBASFHomesteadTax Assessed
Griffin, Carmen Bozak 1/2 Int Griffin, David Lee
Thompson, Kathryn Mary
Svanberg, Haldi Urve % The Oceanage
Noltemeyer, Belita D & Noltemeyer, Norman V
Berger, John A Tr
Lori Riesen Spee Rev Tr Spee, Lori Riesen Trstee
Magalhaes, Americo & Maria
Jackson, Norman G Rev Tr
Comfort, Hartley B & Kathryn S Tr Stearns, Kathryn C Tr
Goldberg, Veronica Trstee Veronica Goldberg Pourover Tr
Dreyfuss, Joseph D Ii & Dreyfuss, Kathleen A
Dreyfuss, Joseph D Ii & Kathleen
Jackson, Klaus B
Goldberg, Veronica Trstee Veronica Goldberg Pourover Tr
Vistamar L C
Vistamar L C
Deluca, V Edward Fam Tr
Boland, James C & Martha M
Lebowitz, Laurence H
Gardner, Stewart E & Karin E
Welch, Robert V Irrev Tr Welch, C F Trste % R V Welch
Morrison, Claire I Morrison, Robert G
Bumgarner, Robert L & Delia H
Reynolds, Ransom P Jr & Reynolds, Georgia Y
Pulaski Llc
Pulaski Llc
Greenberg, N A, Greenberg, A B Greenberg, L L, Siegel, S G
Bullock, John A
Unterhauser, Gunter Rev Liv Tr & Unterhauser, Pierrette Rev Liv Tr
Beamon, Charles R & Gale G
Walsh, Patricia M Tr
Wells, Jean S
Kelly, Robert E Jr
Oceanage 119 Partnersip Llc
Grable, Linda B
Sjh Cypress Inc Attn: S J Halmos
Sjh Cypress Inc Attn: S J Halmos
Comstock, Brian P & Allysan S
Kubes, Alexander
Sanchez, Raymond J
Gannon, John A Iii Trstee John A Gannon Iii Tr
James, Gordon Daniel
Teeman, Bernard & Victoria Trstee Teeman Family Rev Tr
Coscio, John F & Catherine N
Doyle, M J & Deidre
Tri-Alpha Properties
Torti, Chris & Torti, Dawn
Oceanage Family Llc
Mchale, James P Jr & Mchale, Richard D
Waskiewica, Joan E Le Waskiewica, J C & Barbara J
Clexton-Glefke, Bonnie K
Ashforth Properties Inc
Schulte, Robert M & Schulte, Grace O
Johnson, Kent C
Sindicich, Dorothy Nicholas & Dorothy Sindicich Tr
Nasta, Daniel & Elizabeth Dromm, Robyn
Goodridge, Nancy S
Mcnally, Linda
Weber, Mark A & Rhanda J
Chillingworth, John F
Tom Jenk Revocable Trust
Noltemeyer, Norman V & Belita D
Noltemeyer, Norman V & Belita D
Paladino, Frank
Wilkinson, John & Mary
Cleary, Virginia C Tr
Lipnick, Joan
Heighes, Jose & Carolina Sousa C/O Silvia Rey
Nasta, Daniel & Elizabeth & Nasta, Daniel C Etal
Laganke, Timothy & Laganke, Mary
Vinci, Marilyn M Liv Tr % Debra Thorton
Van Metre, Susan S
Lundberg, Lynne G
Filiaggi, Lawrence & Filiaggi, Helen
Filiaggi, Lawrence & Helen
Aguero, Manuel E & Marlene
Friedman, R G & Eugenie S
Leclair, Huguette
Sherratt, James R & Sally Anne
Cantore, Joseph F & Angela D
Cantore, Joseph F & Cantore, Angela
Markoff, Jeffrey D 1/2 Int Markoff, Norma F
Rose, Walter C & Betty J 1/2 Int Rose, Natalie Ann
Lipnick, M & Marilyn C % South Decatur Inc
Severini, Albert E
Orange Isle Llc
Friedman, Robert G & Eugenie S
Barker, William & Mary Jo Trstee William & M J Barker Rev Liv Tr
Barker, W J & M Jo Rev Liv Tr
Payne, Denice G
Falcone, Domenic & Barbara
Grable, Linda B
Lafrance, Michel & Lise L
Hill, Ernestine
Oliva, Marilyn & Hrannarsson, Kjartan
Weaver, Helen W
Herr, Cynthia G & Stuart W Herr, Betsy S & Herr, Helen G Etal
Jj'S Beachhouse Llc
Annarella, R J & Elizabeth & Annarella, V J & Beverly
S&S Beach House Llc
Justus, Walter E Trstee Walter E Justus Liv Tr
Sundermeier, August Tr
Hydraseal Limited
Sundermeier, August W Jr Liv Tr August W Sundermeier Jr Trstee
Kelly, George A Le Bedula, Kathleen M
Gray, Joseph S & Laverne A
Lafortezza, Michael & Barbara A
Eichberg, John A Trstee Evelyn Eichberg S Tr
Dabir, Kaveh
Gettinger, Kathrynn
Cox, Homer C Iii & Cynthia A
Rindley, Susan
Caravanos, George Ash, William Lee
Mc Naughton, Peter J
Southern, Janet
Jones, Elizabeth H Elizabeth H Jones Rev Liv Tr
Kline, Paula
Kline, Jonathan D 1/2 Int Kline, Alanna M
Ploog, J & Ploog, Hannelore & Ploog, Phoebe & Ploog, David
Leete, John Leete, Michelle
Kuykendall, Patrick Kuykendall, Paula
Schonwetter, Dorothy A Dorothy A Schonwetter Tr Etal
Yunis, Mary Helen
Adams, Maritza
Massaro, Marian
Levenstein, Irwin Le Silvester, Michael V & Marla
Silva, Timothy S 95% Howley, Dan C
Walters, Kenneth W & Mary E
Matukas, Grazina
Perez, Julio E
Rotharmel, Lynn Dee Fretz, Gerald
Unterhauser, Gunter Rev Liv Tr & Unterhauser, Pierrette Rev Liv Tr
Vanalstyne, Judith S Judith S Vanalstyne Tr
Moghaddam, Alireza A & Mehrzad A
Marker, Evan Barrett
Behzadi, Arash
Pagano, Gennaro & Pagano, Lois
Perez, Julio E & Estrada, Daisy
Krygiel, Ted S & Joanne B Trstee % Corporate Group Inc
Ruschhaupt, William F Iii & S S
Goodrich, John K
3854272 Canada Inc
Palmiere, Salvatore & Patricia
Crowley, Lou Ann Etal % Rothbauer, Marie
Touchette, Carmel & Jeanette Le Touchette, Jean
Tormey, John R & Carol John R & Carol A Tormey Tr
Alsea Bay S A % Ricardo Oriol
Nickerson, Stephanie A Trstee Stephanie A Nickerson Tr
Friedlander, Arlene Friedlander, Stephen H
Hughes, James G & Jayne A
Rammacher Florida Llc
Faulkner, Burton F Jr
Clark, Harry M & Judith A
Schultz, Carol
Stripay, Stephanie Hellenbroich
Yunis, Nicholas & Southern Realty Inc
Moe, Karin
Weisinger, Albert
Massa, Helen A
Provin, William O
Frostad, Mark Richard Frostad, Pamela Ellen
Doeff, Jan W
Gailitis, Biruta Tr & Gailitis, Raimonds J Trstee
Cook, Joan A Tr
Cook, Joan Joan Cook Tr
Burka-Oceanage Llc
Burka, David L & Rebecca & Burka, Mark B & Margaret K
Crawford, Edward F
Rosso, Wendell P
Rau, Ralph & Rau, Diana
Rau, Ralph E Jr & Diana W
Miranda, Eduardo V & Miranda, Janet Puig
Selection Testing Consultants International Ltd
Isadore & Marylyn Light Ltd
Weldon, Barbara V
Bentz, William A
Bentz, William A
Hirschmann, George F Tr % Linda H Hanson
Cotter, Randolph A 1/2 Int Ea Melchionda, Judith

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