Marbella by the Grove Condo  (Miami, FL)

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Multiple Unit Ownership

Multiple Unit OwnerTotal Units Owned (#)
*Multiple unit owner analysis is important to determine if one or more individuals or groups owns more than one unit in the building. There could be multiple unit owners in a building for several reasons including a developer holding existing units it was unable to sell, a resident purchasing adjacent units to combine them into a larger single unit, speculators/investors purchasing multiple units as an investment, or banks holding multiple units as a result of a foreclosure. An analysis of the multiple unit owners helps you understand ownership dynamics in a building.

Multiple Unit Owner Detail

OwnerUnitPurchase DatePurchase PricePurchase PSFBDBASF
*MUS indicates a sale in which multiple units were sold in the same transaction. In Multiple Unit Sales, the stated sale price corresponds to more than one property. Therefore, no price per square foot is calculated for the sale as it is not an appropriate measure.

Ownership Analysis

Primary Resident (%)
% of Building Sold
Ownership % by Years Owned
Avg Purchase Price Paid by Years Owned
Avg Price PSF Paid by Years Owned

Unit by Unit Ownership Roll

UnitBDBASFSale DateSale PriceSale PSFPrior SalePrior PricePrior PSFHome
Tax Assessed
22Alejandro Zizold
22Bruno Galarza
22Jose Sanchez &w
22Ernesto Cercas &
22Seagrape Investments Llc
22Osvaldo Debien
22Robert Chahine
22Andrew S Demello
22Zonia E Emmanuel
22Romina Gambino
22Global One Investment Group Llc
22Ninfa Z Sirker
22Sfr 2012 1 Fla Llc
22Anthony Rozo
22Flortian Llc
22Bolduc Kenneth R
22Edgard G Salas
22Jigs Properties Llc
22John Early
22Ysack & Agnes Corp
22Alexander Rozo
22Fabiola Nachon Irrevocable Trust Tru Of
22Ge Eme Invest Llc
22Marbella 106 Llc
22Andrew Demello
22Josue O Giraldo
22Wells Fargo Bnk Na
22Jaime A Paredes
22Fabio Gomez
22Mariano Perez &w
2227Th Ave & Co Llc
22Mohamed S Elhammody &w
22Anthony Rozo
22Nelly E Gil Alvarado
22Dalal Khouri
22Robert Chahine
22Dlm Fl Real Estate Llc
22Programar Invest Llc
22Sonia M Rodriguez
22Grove 209 Am Llc
22Cynthia Nin
22Alejandro Zizold &W
221 S Blue Llc
22Ramon Martinez
22Gina Santos
22Lilia Claudia Alonso &
22Digiami Partners Ltd
22Juan E Barberena
22Jiuliu Lu
22Yanes Miguel
22Sirle R Dominguez
22Marta Morales
22Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp
22Maria Pacin & Kelly Lara Jtrs
22Mauricio A Cortes
22Edgar L Rodriguez
22Juan D Aragon
22Juan Rivera
22Ramiro E Quintana &w Miriam
22St Michael Invest Llc
22Federal Natl Mtg Assn
22Asset Disposition Tru Llc
22Maria P Langer
22Tavantzis Christ
22Jorge L Alzuri
22Massimo Marzi
22Tommy Mandri &
22Martinez Maria F
*MUS indicates a sale in which multiple units were sold in the same transaction. In Multiple Unit Sales, the stated sale price corresponds to more than one property. Therefore, no price per square foot is calculated for the sale as it is not an appropriate measure.

Historical Ownership Featured In The Press:
UnitBDBASFSale DateSale PriceSale PSF Owner
1012262506/2013115,000184Alejandro Zizold
    11/201271,900115Federal Natl Mtg Assn
    11/2005221,600355Pablo Castro
2012262505/2014132,000211Bruno Galarza
    03/201067,000107Xuhui Ma
    03/201067,000107Yu Chen
    11/2009--U S Bnk N A Tru
    02/2006220,000352Rolando Rivero &
3012262506/2007175,000280Jose Sanchez &w
    03/2005168,000269Jose Quintana
4012262512/2004169,000270Ernesto Cercas &
5012262502/2005134,300215Seagrape Investments Llc
2022262502/2005165,400265Osvaldo Debien
3022262506/201065,000104Robert Chahine
    01/2006221,000354Martha P Chala
4022262505/201065,000104Andrew S Demello
    04/201042,40068Wells Fargo Bnk N A Tru
    10/2006218,000349Ezequiel Lazarte
5022262508/2012110,000176Zonia E Emmanuel
    01/201246,60075Anthony Rozo
    10/2006225,000360Pierina Moreno Drexler
1032262504/2011--Romina Gambino
    08/200975,000120Rosalina Collado
    04/2009--Indymac Bnk Fsb
    12/2005212,000339Sebastian Guillermo
2032262501/2005162,500260Global One Investment Group Llc
3032262512/201060,00096Ninfa Z Sirker
    09/2010--Bank Of New York Mellon
    06/201045,30072Bank Of New York Mellon Tru
    06/2005215,000344Petra Proskova
4032262507/2012--Sfr 2012 1 Fla Llc
    03/2012--Federal Natl Mtg Assn
    10/2010--Countrywide Home Loans Servicing Lp
    01/2006--Arsenio A Macareno
5032262504/2014--Anthony Rozo
    02/2007--Raquel & Anthony Rozo
2042262503/201158,50094Flortian Llc
    12/2004162,500260Aliven Investments Inc
3042262506/2014140,000224Bolduc Kenneth R
    02/2013--Jose J Linares
    06/2007207,000331Jose Jesus Linares
    03/2005185,000296Elio J Font &
4042262502/201284,500135Edgard G Salas
    12/201149,00078C & N Invest Of Mia Inc
    05/2005195,000312Gustavo Osorio &w Sonia A
5042262502/2005134,284215Jigs Properties Llc
1052262505/2014134,000214John Early
    12/2004158,500254Maria J Fernandez
2052262509/2014138,000221Ysack & Agnes Corp
    01/2013--Paxian Llc
    10/2012110,000176Ernesto L Anadon
    07/201161,00098Yanet Alonso
    07/201041,70067U S Bnk N A Tru
    12/2005216,000346Wendy Ramirez Colson
3052262503/201394,200151Alexander Rozo
    09/2005205,000328Raul Herrera
4052262512/2009--Fabiola Nachon
    12/2009--Metro Express Holdings Llc
    12/2009--Fabiola Nachon Irrevocable Trust Tru Of
    08/2006215,000344Fabiola Nichon &
5052262501/2013--Ge Eme Invest Llc
    10/2012110,000176Gustavo Maid
    11/201056,92591Pablo Nakamatsu
    04/201039,70064Jpmorgan Chase Bnk N A
    02/2005178,500286Jesus A Vicente
1062262504/2011--Marbella 106 Llc
    06/201064,900104Heidy Frank
    06/2010--Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp
    05/201055,30088Aurora Loan Serv Llc
    06/2006225,000360Ricardo Pozo &w Maria E
2062262507/201060,00096Andrew Demello
    02/2005134,000214Fernando Jose Izquierdo
3062262509/201162,00099Josue O Giraldo
    09/200959,00094Maria V Bunuel
    08/2008--Deutsche Bnk Natl Trust Co Tru
    07/2006199,000318Yamile Naranjo
4062262507/201492,400148Wells Fargo Bnk Na
    10/2012--Pablo Castro
    04/20128,40013Chase Home Loans Llc
    08/2005212,200340Pablo Castro
5062262512/2004170,000272Jaime A Paredes
1072262503/200975,000120Fabio Gomez
    09/2008--U S Bnk N A Tru
    03/2005160,900257Jose J Arango
2072262503/2005170,500273Mariano Perez &w
3072262501/2014--27Th Ave & Co Llc
    01/2005168,500270Armando C Perez
4072262501/2005164,000262Mohamed S Elhammody &w
5072262506/2013115,000184Anthony Rozo
    06/201390,000144Imagine Prop Inc
    07/2012--Elizabeth Martinez
    09/2011--Marbella By The Grv Condo Assn Inc
    02/2007--Noel Blanco &w Ada Blanco &
1082262510/2009--Raul M Mosqueira Gil
    10/2009--Nelly E Gil Alvarado
    10/2008--Nelly E Gil Alvarado
    08/2008172,000275Nelly E Gil Alvarado
    12/2004156,500250Lourdes Beatriz Llacuna &
2082262506/201067,000107Dalal Khouri
    05/201058,00093Town Brickell Grp Llc
    07/200950,00080Deutsche Bnk Natl Trust Co Tru
    02/2005168,000269Ramon E Vicente
3082262502/201160,00096Robert Chahine
    05/2007210,000336Angel Botanes &
    04/2005--Gilberto Febles &w
4082262511/201164,500103Dlm Fl Real Estate Llc
    01/2008--Patricia Rice Spivey &w Eric
    07/2005200,000320Patricia Rice
5082262502/201292,000147Programar Invest Llc
    01/2011--Haydee Del Amo
    11/201060,00096Hiram Del Amo
    03/2005163,000261Ivette Agusti
1092262501/2005160,900257Sonia M Rodriguez
2092262508/2013--Grove 209 Am Llc
    05/2013110,000176Adolfo A Morales
    05/2013110,000176Grove 209 Am Llc
    07/2006223,000357Maria M Alonso
3092262512/2004168,500270Cynthia Nin