Garden-aire Village Sea Haven Condo 2  (Pompano Beach, FL)

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Multiple Unit Ownership

Multiple Unit OwnerTotal Units Owned (#)
*Multiple unit owner analysis is important to determine if one or more individuals or groups owns more than one unit in the building. There could be multiple unit owners in a building for several reasons including a developer holding existing units it was unable to sell, a resident purchasing adjacent units to combine them into a larger single unit, speculators/investors purchasing multiple units as an investment, or banks holding multiple units as a result of a foreclosure. An analysis of the multiple unit owners helps you understand ownership dynamics in a building.

Multiple Unit Owner Detail


Ownership Analysis

Primary Resident (%)

Unit by Unit Ownership Roll

UnitBDBASFHomesteadTax Assessed
Levine, Norman D
Zawadzki, Philip
Smith, Gary L & Elizabeth A
Basse, Gaston
Visnic, Nick & Visnic, Suzanne Bandi
Mercogliano, Michael F
Cassisa, Anthony
Rothenberg, Winona Diane
Carlson, Gwen Le Carlson, Charles R Ii
Malisse, Inge 1/4 Int Sieper, Edmund J & Inge Etal
Joyce L Shepherd Rev Tr Shepherd, Joyce L Trstee
Myers, Esther E
Misinchuk, Marie
Petunia Properties Ltd % Annmarie P Imbriale
Dooley, Catherine
Vecellio, Ruth J
Barnum, Harry & Theresa Le Barnum Tr
Facchin, Joseph Facchin, Rosemary
Flowers, James B & Dodge, Dorothy F
Hammersla, Pamela B
U S Bank National Assn Trstee
Luciano, Ferdinand Luciano, Alfred &Jost, Rachel
Romano, Angela
Brennan, Josephine 1/3 Int Srnik, Kathleen & Udovich, Joanne
Mirante, Ann T & Glew, Ann
Amodeo, Thomas J & Gloria E
Childs, Michael R & Karen Childs Rev Family Tr
Daus, Arthur T
Kengott, Raymond J & Kathleen E
Daniels, Vernon & Kathleen
Imbrogno, George A & Imbrogno, Mary Jane
Deangelo, Paul A & Kathleen M
Moore, Anastasia
Gauthier, Maurice M & Gauthier, John G
Petzing, Florence T Le Childs, Karen J
Aaron, Tina Marie
Petri, John M & Carol L
Patalamo, James 1/2 Int Jellen, Nancy
Benedetto, Peter & Edna
Fernley Alofs Liv Tr Alofs, Eleanor Trstee
Oeder, Cinda
Joan E Frattarelli Rev Tr Frattarelli, Joan Etrstee
Giannoutsos, Demetra P Giannoutsos, Theodores
Stroberg, Jon & Stroberg, Martha A
Eads, Barbara Tarin
Annette A Baronian Rev Tr % Barsalona, Marilyn A
Carlison, James R 1/2 Int Cappello, Maria R
Kerr, Norman & Angela 1/2 Int Ea Lincoln, Claire R
Glennon, Ronald & Glennon, Joan
Sharon A Jackvony Liv Tr Jackvony, Bernard A Trstee Etal
Hambly, Robert J Jr & Hambly, Priscilla D
Jellen, Nancy N
Lamotta, Guy & Lamotta, Pamela A
Fitzgerald, Kevin M
Fitzgerald, Kevin M & Diane L
La Motta Enterprises Ltd
Hurst, Stephen P
Philip E Veillette Tr Dillon, Jean Trstee
Fay, Maria C Fay Tr
Odishoo, David
Stanton, Mary E
Stamm, Charlotte Le Stamm, Steven L Etal
Johanson, Mary Anne & Johanson, Howard C
Beldner, Maria Maria Beldner Rev Liv Tr
Torcellini, Joseph & Torcellini, Barbara B
Enlow, Billie E & Enlow, Patricia J
Pelegrino, Anthony Pelegrino, Joseph
Wiggins, Wesley James
Weiss, Arlene
Pappa, Frederick J & Alice J
Pilla, Angelo Steve Est % Thomas L Pilla
Michels, Edward J
Gauthier, Kathryn E
Scavelli, Frank & Scavelli, Rose
Mcgrain, Patricia A Patricia Ann Mcgrain Rev Liv Tr
Creighton, Barbara A
Barbara Russo Rev Liv Tr Russo, Barbara Trstee
Russo, Barbara Barbara Russo Rev Liv Tr
Barbara Russo Rev Liv Tr Russo, Barbara Trstee
Weiss, Susan
Donovan, P Margaret
Howell, Doris
Meschko, Herbert K & Edith
Plaganis, Margaret Plaganis, Paul Et Al
Ferreira, Arthur & Carmela Arthur & Carmela Ferreira Rev Tr
Vidmich, Steve Teper, Susan & Deckerhoff, D Etal
Penberth, Gloria Gloria Penberth Rev Tr
Seraphin, Richard T
Carlisle, Frances
Fadden, Thomas N & Laurie
Gentle Edwin B Jr & Frances M
Cassel, William Lester & Cassel, Fredrick M & Audrey W
Connolly, Carole
Leporace, Celestina & Leporace, Vincent
Cerbone, Armand R & Cerbone, Vincent
Paskus, John Paskus Tr
Soussana, Boyd
Gelsomino, Rose
Schultz, Edward A
Gauthier, Maurice M
Duross, Carolyn D
Zilinyi, Frank & Joyce
Lucibello, Andrew J & Carmel F
Taar, Maria Taar Rev Tr
Myerjack, Joseph A Sr & Myerjack, Joseph A Jr
Muoio, Giovanna
Kreitler, Rita V Rita V Kreitler Family Tr Etal
Daus, Jo-Ann
Corso, Anthony & Rosalba
Laudermilk, James & Laudermilk, Beryl
Kalinski, Felicia Felicia F Kalinski Tr
Thebner, Dolores Thebner, Morris
Waltz, Eleanor
Tuozzo, Carmine
Kluver, Howard H 1/2 Int Kluver, Anna
Barbara B Widen Liv Tr Widen, Barbara B Trstee
Caiveau, Jean Claude & Caiveau, Bernadette
Jordan, Richard C & Priscilla A
Pasciucco, Leonard
Ellis, Ruth D Le Ellis, C J & Strough, Cheryl
Haney, Julianne
Hull, Rodney Clinton
Lanoie, Louise & Rober
Barrett, Ada Ada Barrett Rev Liv Tr
Greco, Dolores Le Guzzo, Josephine & Guzzo, Rosario
Carozza, Nicole
Mcnamara, John F & Mcnamara, Cecelia R
Kelly, John W & Kelly, Mary Ann
Dockery, Naomi M
Carbone, Louis A & Eva & Carbone, Lisa & Carbone, Robert
Gunnoud, James B
Driscoll, Dennis T & Loretta
Schweinsberg, Larry Alan & Flores-Schweinsberg, Maria
Drossin, Alan R & Wally Elaine
Weichbrodt, Robert A
Kuchenbecker, Emma A Le Cauduro, Angela M & Mcmillen, L
Stark, Ann M
Forman, Irene
Derosa, Louis M & Roberta L
Mc Cormack, James K & Mc Cormack, Colin D
Reavis, Steven
Waldron, Robert Jr
Harding, John A Jr & Harding, Karen M
Sauer, Johanne 1/2 Int Elbaz, Sidney
Brem, Charles & Orner, Adriana
Gurucharri, Frank
Fielding, Marie
Rukes, Shirley J
Courey, Joseph R & Denise D
Schwerdt, Richard
Balfe, Opal M Le Tara, Clifford
Blanchette, Barbara P & Blanchette, Gilman J
Benarroch, Simone
Monti, Carol Ann & Monti, Frank O Sr
Valenti, Joseph P & Valenti, Rosemary
Hinton, Joseph
Brunelli, Kenneth D & Brunelli, Margaret
Newmeyer, Francis & Patricia
Bellandi, Lionel & Maureen
Gaudier, Jenny Jenny Gaudier Rev Donor Tr
Garduque, Gail M & Gunther, Gordon & Nunn, Cathryn
Talent, Leo R % Susan Talent Hellerman
Donovan, James E & Valente, Karen A
Lombardi, Vincent & Carmella
Davis, James E & Cheryl L
Joseph Falco Jr Tr Falco, Agnes Trstee
Smith, Michael E & Smith, Judith B
Corso, Angela & Corso, Vincent
Sdao, William L
Butler, David E & Butler, Beaufort B
Purtell, Walter B Walter B Purtell Tr
Stark, Nancy
Lucien, Oscar F Le
Rehtorik, Christian K & Rehtorik, Corina M & Yupp, Jack G
Lecourt, John E Le
Slattery, G Raymond & Myra
Miller, J Donald & Peggy M
Macaluso, Frank & Macaluso, John Etal
Sine, Joan D
Madgalinos, Dionysios & Menounos, Eleni
Lederman, Geraldine S
Rogers, Joe E & Donna E Donna E Rogers Tr
Maclaughlin, Mary J Mary Jean Maclaughlin Rev Tr
Dutto, Concepcion & Dutto, Rodolfo

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