Environ 9 Of I Condo  (Lauderhill, FL)

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Multiple Unit Ownership

Multiple Unit OwnerTotal Units Owned (#)
*Multiple unit owner analysis is important to determine if one or more individuals or groups owns more than one unit in the building. There could be multiple unit owners in a building for several reasons including a developer holding existing units it was unable to sell, a resident purchasing adjacent units to combine them into a larger single unit, speculators/investors purchasing multiple units as an investment, or banks holding multiple units as a result of a foreclosure. An analysis of the multiple unit owners helps you understand ownership dynamics in a building.

Multiple Unit Owner Detail


Ownership Analysis

Primary Resident (%)

Unit by Unit Ownership Roll

UnitBDBASFHomesteadTax Assessed
Ojeda, Zoiree
Rasmussen, Ruby Patricia Carrera 7 #72-64 Ofc 212
Kharrubi, Fadee M
Nugent, Trevor A & Janice F
Parodi, Gabriel Parodi, Maria
Environ Condo I Assoc Inc
Sidney & Ethel Bregman Tr Bregman, Sidney & Ethel Trstee
Cherry, Adriane Le Adriane Cherry Rev Tr
Faone, Marsha
Indursky, Sylvia
Dockery, Kerry Ann
Shapskinsky, Arnold D
Dubins, C A
Charles, Russell R
Clayborne, Sandra C
Pierre, Benson 1/2 Int Pierre, Paulius
Mckenzie, Carl
Villa, Patricia
Spirn, Ruth
Gordon, Robert L 1/2 Int Gordon, Tanya S
Gayle, Carl A
Ashley, Colleen
Chong, Jose A & Delia C
Teran-Alvarado, Leonor
Stein, Joseph & Doris
Oxman, Morris Oxman Rev Trust
Rosenthal, Ruth Rosenthal Tr
Perkins, Donald R
Environ Condominium #1 Assn Inc % Straley & Otto Pa
Dawson, Salema
Robinson, Ivor & Luster-Robinson, Ena
Mullings, Jacqueline A
Environ Condominium #1 Assn Inc % Straley 7 Otto P A
Brose, Paul G
Ramos, Clarisa
Gelband, Barbara
Salcedo, Emma & Millan, Gildardo
Schwab, Donald % Chris Ells Esq
Yarrell-Harris, Genevieve
Bermudez, Maria C & Moscoso, Eduardo
Citronbaum, Jacob Sadie Citronbaum Fam Tr
Schwab, Charles
Smith, Damian
Sweeney, Wyley
Duranceau, Christiane & Guilbault, Pierre
Mitchell, Teron & Shelly
Hamid-Thompson, Elizabeth
Orellana, Jorge & Paola
Tsao, Daniel X
St Jean, Martin
Ginness, Rory & Vera
Deutsche Bank National Trstee
Bassier, Sharon
Miranda, Edwin
Joyce Sklar Tr Sklar, Joyce Trstee
Hersch, Paul J & Judite I
Berlin, Sophie Sophie Berlin Tr
Rodriguez, Victor & Grillo, Anna M
Secondo, Michael
Herrera, Dante E
Letendre, Jo Ann
Kramer, Ilene T
Simpson, Oswald A
Franklin, Lyncoln B
Espinosa, Maria Cristina
Farquharson, Andrew
Dixon, Gifford Jr 1/2 Int Dixon, Gifford Sr
Beckwith, Shandora
Drucker, Milton & Drucker, Sara
Zalesin, Bella Le Nicolette, Lynda
Ruffer, Linda S & Ruffer, Stuart
Planten, Ellen C Rev Tr % Jamie M Planten
Chin, Bancroft A Chin, Valerie A
Aragones, Manuel & Maria
Vandor, Balazs
Environ Condominium #1 Assn Inc % Straley & Otto Pa
Spirn, Steven
Rubin, Sylvia Le 1/2 Int Rubin, Bertram Le & Rubin, M S
Weisz, Debra
Kuznetz, Lawrence Brill, Heidi
Smithline, Philip
Takach, Deborah A
Thompson, Veronica
Abriel, Gwenevere
Johansen, Brian M Le Johansen, Egon & Johansen, J Etal
Brinkmann, Lesley Broad, Manuel
Kaplan, Arthur Y
Fennell, Tracyann P
Brodsky-Ginness, Barbara 1/2 Int Ginness, Alan
Ho, Nancy C 1/2 Int Ho, Desmond K
Mcshane, John
Nussbaum, Marlene S
Toll, Maria C
Del Real, Marie H Gil
Brisker, Frederick
Weiss, Jason
Svipaite, Vaida 1/2 Int Talentas, Raymond
Bousquet, Frederic
Gullacci, Kathleen Kathleen Gullacci Rev Tr
Kirson, Bertie
Raqaa, Fouad
Environ Condominium #1 Assn Inc C/O Straley & Otto Pa
Shenkin, Norma Benjamin & Norma Shenkin Tr
Best Platinum Investments Inc %Vicent D'Antonio Pa
Zidor, Rosena Zidor, Roseline
Denenberg, June & Denenberg, Jan
Accles, William K & Annette
Robinson, Kalman & Ruth Le Robinson, Norman Scott
Forrest, Marguerite C
Levine, Andrew
Muorie, Issmaiel Ali & Muorie, Hanaa Issa
Green, Kerry
Mills, Lillian 1/2 Int Stone, Donna Mills
Santiago, Brenda
Klein, Emil F Le Klein, Rena J
Wasserman, Lillian Lillian Wasserman Rev Tr
Leviatova, Anna
Blackman, Barry & Hilary & Blackman, Ian
Goldstein, Ravit Victoria
Kalliche, C & Janet
Schulman, Estella
Scrivano, Andrea
Huff, Tonja
Suciu, Vasilica L & Marius E
Sanchez, Hermila
Compere, Louides
Schneider, Edward & Ruth
Fulford, Selina
Environ Condominium #1 Assn Inc % Straley & Otto P A
Durtisac, Chantal 1/2 Int Ea Lafontaine, Bernard
Brumer, Magda & Beer, Peter
Davis, Jimmie
Rudchenco, Karina & Rudchenco, Andrea
Jeudy, Jean
Floyd, Dayna
Danisi, Theresa
Arleo, Jessika
Milgrim, Martin
Wayne, Michael
Fowler, Erica Alexis
Pearlman, David
Palmer, Teri J
Johnson, Anntoinette M
Regan, Teresa

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