Coral Springs Tower Club #2 Condo  (Coral Springs, FL)

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Multiple Unit Ownership

Multiple Unit OwnerTotal Units Owned (#)
*Multiple unit owner analysis is important to determine if one or more individuals or groups owns more than one unit in the building. There could be multiple unit owners in a building for several reasons including a developer holding existing units it was unable to sell, a resident purchasing adjacent units to combine them into a larger single unit, speculators/investors purchasing multiple units as an investment, or banks holding multiple units as a result of a foreclosure. An analysis of the multiple unit owners helps you understand ownership dynamics in a building.

Multiple Unit Owner Detail


Ownership Analysis

Primary Resident (%)

Unit by Unit Ownership Roll

UnitBDBASFHomesteadTax Assessed
Scott, Richard
Kushner, Alan & Kushner, Nadine
Kushner, Alan & Kushner, Nadine R
B.S.D.Rev Liv Tr Cohen, Jacob Z Trstee
106 Tower Club Land Tr Pyrzak, Roman Trstee
Kelley, Robert O Jr
Florida Consultation Group Inc
Apartment Depot Inc
Apartment Depot Inc
Thompson, Donald J
2771 Riverside Drive 112 Llc
Mark, Rahamim R
Ramos, Teresa J 1/2 Int Ea Ramos, Jose Adonay
Hylander, Phillip J
Giusti, Nancy & Giusti, Wilfredo
Best Properties Inc
Apartment Depot Inc
Waltman, Ronald J
Dessi, James E & Dessi, Joseph & Pia
Mark, Rahamim
Carlos, Raquel
De Oliveira, Eunice N
2771 Riverside Dr 207-A Llc
Miller, David P
Flett, Earle G
Lamont, Ellen H
Iannotti, Susan
Katzenbach, Nicholas J & Milly
Cadet, Marmara & Louis-Jean, Sandra
214 Tower Club Land Tr Sherman, Moshe Trstee
Agnant, Marisa 1/2 Int Agnant, Serge
Rama, Andi & Evis
Rahmani, Hemda
Apartment Depot Inc
Kennedy, Charles E & Elva S
Zweig, Murray & Zweig, Harlene
Spenceley, Linda
Csermak, Maria
Rama, Andi & Evis
Ameripro Property Ii Llc
Williams, Dwayne
Noland, Joshua A Iii
Apartment Depot Inc
Abbott, Eva & Kupa, Terezia
Fields, Robert C & Fields, Nava
Orna, Jeeni
Szabo, Marius
Kelts, Tracy
Yagna Llc
Nieto, Jorge A
Parviz Yomtobian Rev Liv Tr Hemda Rahmani Rev Liv Tr
The B.S.D. Rev Liv Tr
Troci, Sulejman A
Kessler, Andrea B & Marvin L
Us Bank National Assn
Walter C Russ Tr % Robert Devona
Szabo, Marius
Fields, Robert & Fields, Nava
Knoess, Elaine
Apartment Depot Inc
Florida Consultation Grp Inc
Clutter, Margo I K
Szabo, Marius
Best Properties Inc
Zweig, Murray J & Harlene S
Mc Cray, Brenda S
Parviz Yomtobian Rev Liv Tr Hemda Rahmani Rev Liv Tr
Gtb Rental Properties Llc
Parviz Yomtobian Rev Liv Tr Hemda Rahmani Rev Liv Tr
Gregos, Joseph E & Gregos, V J & Gregos, M K
Lugo, Kevin
Gunatit Llc
Bockhold, Harold H
Us Bank National Assn % America'S Servicing Co
Andre, Ruguins & Saint Arromand, Marie C
Benhayon, Eitan A 1/2 Int Smith, Danielle
510 Tower Club Land Tr Cohen, Zohar Tr
Conceicao, Helio & Meireles, Fatima L
Apartment Depot Inc
Comerford, William
Yagna Llc
Atlantic Enterprises Llc
Rama, Julian
Romeu, Aurelio G & Glennadean
Mendez Family Investments Ltd
Sequeira, Elisabeth M & Sequeira, Jose A
Csermak, Maria
Katzenbach, Nicholas J
Zweig, Murray J & Harlene S
Garncarz, Natalia Elena Apelbaum De
2701 Rivreside Dr 107-B Llc
Parviz Yomtobian Rev Liv Tr Hemda Rahmani Rev Liv Tr
Spaleny, Janette & Richard
Modica, Steven L
Hjelmeir, Christopher A
Parviz Yomtobian Rev Liv Tr Hemda Rahmani Rev Liv Tr
Wells Fargo Bank Trstee
Marajh, Seerajie & Gutierrez, Indira Etal
Best Properties Inc
Best Properties Inc
Hjelmeir, Christopher
Lamarre, Alland Jude Gardy
Young, David A
Lopera, Ivan D
Troci, Sulejman
Broadbent, Walter M Jr
Best Properties Inc
Rojas, Yolanda
Broadbent, Walter Jr
Mora, William J & Mora, Michele T
Allen, Michael T
Corwith, Philip Wayne
Schulz, Reno
Rama, Andi & Evis
Best Properties Inc
Grosbard, Ziv & Grosbard, Hana
Parreira, Jorge E & Maria
Henneka, Margaret
Compere, Serge
Beck, Judy
Csermak, Maria
Sequeira, Jose & Elisabeth M
Zimmerman, Teresa
Herrera, Valentino V
Best Properties Inc
Guerrero, Joselyn
Arboleda, Eddie O & Susan
Nishiyama, Felix
Best Properties Inc
Scott, Richard
Andrews, Dexter A
Lopacki, Helen V
Moreno, Jesus
Rahmani, Hemda Yomtobian, Parviz
Borisman, Alan
Krausmann, Nancy A
Katzenbach, Nicholas J & Wesley, Milly
Sequeira, Jose A & Elisabeth M
Fischetti, David A Fischetti, Sheila M
Torres, Evelio
Kaplan, Michael
Katzenbach, Nicholas J & Milly
Rozenblatt, Bebe & Ester % Marcel Rosen
Lawrence, Richard D
Best Properties Inc
Fernandez, Mary Sol & Morales, German
Scott, Richard
Orozco, Walder
Quest, Dominique
Ali, Sheiraz R
Sequeira, Jose A & Elisabeth M
Da Silva, Maria Elvira
Scalici, Giuseppe
Herrera, Julian D
Sclar, Stuart
Zweig, Murray J & Zweig, Harlene S
Mark, Rahimim R
Florida Consultation Group Inc
Hosue, Dennis
Best Properties Inc
Ameripro Property I Llc
Comella, Sophia
Walden, Patrice C
Segarra, Alicia
U S Bank Na Trstee % Americas Servicing Company
Csermak, Istvan & Gladys A
Best Properties Inc
Ostrovskiy, Valeriy & Ostrovskiy, Tatyana
Vera, Modesto & Guiomar
Grosbard, Ziv

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